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Gold & Silver Bullion | 3 Things To Get You Started

Gold & Silver Bullion 3 Things To Get You Started

Disclaimer: This blog post is for informational purposes only and should not be taken in any way as financial advice… 

This article contains affiliate links. This means that we earn a commission should you decide to use the services linked through the links we provided. We only ever use the affiliate links of services we trust or use ourselves.

Looking For Ways To Protect Yourself In Economic Uncertainty? 

Everybody knows that precious metals have historically been used for creating fine jewellery. However, precious metals have long had uses that go way beyond jewellery making. For centuries, precious metals have been used as a hedge against inflation, economic downturn and war by investors looking to protect their wealth.

Bullion is classed as either bars, ingots or coins which are made from precious metals like gold, silver, platinum or palladium. Bullion is made from pure or 99.9% precious metal.

Why Precious Metals? 

1g gold bars on a white background

Unlike fiat currency, precious metals have a limited supply. Currencies like the US Dollar or the Pound Sterling can be printed by Central Banks. The increase in supply of the currency ultimately leads to the devaluation of the currency.

Since precious metals need to be physically mined from the earth and can’t be replicated in its true form, they have the ability to hold their value against a devaluing currency. This is the main reason for these metals being so popular with investors.

How Can You Invest In Gold & Silver? 

gold and silver round coins and bullions
Photo by Zlaťá on

There are many different ways of investing in gold and silver. Physical bullion, ETF’s and derivatives are just a few of the options available to you. 

Personally, we believe that physical bullion is the best way to go as you are able to actually hold your gold or silver in your hand. 

It is also possible to buy bullion and have it stored in the seller’s vault. This can be beneficial especially if you are buying large amounts which you don’t want just lying around your house. However it is important to ensure that the seller actually has the metals they are selling you before choosing this option should you want to request your physical metals at a later date. This is why we tend to recommend physical bullion over ETF’s or derivatives. 

Storing Bullion in a vault usually comes with fees. With this in mind, it is probably a better option if you are wanting to buy over £2000 worth of bullion. Otherwise the fees can potentially wipe out any profits you can make. You can use a bullion trader like BullionVault to buy and sell precious metals at spot price for storage. A good reason to use BullionVault is that you can request your metals to be sent to you at any time…

The only real downside to owning physical precious metals over an ETF or another paper version, is that it is not as liquid. What I mean by that is, when the time comes for you to sell your metals, with an ETF or other paper trade, you can do so with just a few clicks of a button if you’re using a stock exchange.

Should I Invest In Gold Or Silver? 

Gold or Silver

What you choose to invest in usually depends on your financial situation. Silver is the more affordable option but buying gold can also be affordable if you buy in gram bars. 

Many people choose to invest in both gold and silver to diversify their portfolio. There are obvious benefits to buying both metals. 

Silver is typically more volatile than gold, mostly due to the metal being used in a wide range of electrical goods for its amazing ability as a conductor of electricity. This means that the prices can fluctuate according to the demand for the metal for manufacturing and production purposes. 

Investment gold is free from UK VAT which makes it a much more attractive option for some people. It’s price is much less volatile than silver making it ideal for long term holding. An ounce of gold in March 2003 would have cost you around £209. Today, that same ounce would be worth £1,612 (at the time of writing). 

Take a look at the chart below to see the changes in price of both gold and silver over the last decades… 

This chart contains affiliate links. 

Gold and silver coins like Britannias are actually classed as legal tender. This means that they are also exempt from Capital Gains Tax which makes it even more attractive to investors. 

Being a legal tender that holds its value, it would also offer protection against a complete banking system failure. Should a fiat currency like GBP, the Euro or US Dollar become worthless, you will still be able to buy day to day items with your gold & silver coins…

Looking For Gold & Silver Coins?

Silver Britannias on a white background (1)

One of our favourite places to buy gold and silver coins online in the UK is Bullion By Post. They stock a wide range of bullion with the option of delivery or VAT free storage. Plus, if you order £250 worth of bullion using our link, you will also receive a FREE 1oz Silver Britannia… 

Do you currently invest in bullion? If so, are you team gold, team silver or own a bit of both? What’s your preferred method of investing in gold and silver? Leave a comment and start a discussion…

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Ribby Hall Village Wedding Open Day

Ribby Hall Village Wedding Fayre Room
Ribby Hall Village Wedding Fayre Room

Ribby Hall Village – 12/03/2023

We were at the Ribby Hall Wedding Open Day last Sunday afternoon for a beautifully put together event. 

There were a host of other amazing small local businesses that specialise in different wedding services… 

We absolutely loved meeting all of the fantastic business owners who came along. 

A big thank you to everyone who came to check us out!

Check Out The Quick Video We Took From The Event…

Ribby Hall Village Wedding Open Day 12/03/2023
Ribby Hall Village Wedding Open Day Stall Set Up

If you’re still looking for a wedding venue, we would highly recommend Ribby Hall Village as the place is amazing…

Below we’ve listed the other business that attended. Be sure to check them out if you’re looking for ideas for your own wedding! (Sorry if we missed anyone. Please let us know and we will add you to the list…) 

The All Hire Company 

Sweet Angel Candy Carts

Cake Hole 

Pink Tree Parties Ltd 

Shannon McKinley Music 

Charlotte Designs – Bespoke Wedding Stationery 

Lady Gray Glam 

Dan Wootton Photography 

The Ivory Dressing Room

We’ve attached the links to each of their Facebook page’s, so be sure to give them a follow and drop them a message if you want their services for your wedding day…

Thank you! 🙂

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6 Fun Facts About Aquamarine

6 Fun Fact About Aquamarine


It’s March! Which means that this month is the month of aquamarine, a beautiful semi-precious gemstone which ranges from pale green to pale green in colour. Is your birthstone the wonderful aquamarine? Or do you just want to know some fun facts about this eye-catching and vibrant gemstone? Keep reading as we take you through 6 fun facts about the aquamarine gemstone… 

  1. Aquamarine Is From The Same Mineral Family As Emerald
  2. Aquamarine Has A Hardness Of 7.5-8 On The Mohs Scale 
  3. It’s Name Comes From The Latin Word For ‘Aqua Marina’
  4. Aquamarine Is Steeped In Myth & Legend
  5. The Stone Of Courage
  6. Don Pedro Is The World’s Largest Cut Aquamarine

1. Aquamarine Is From The Same Mineral Family As Emerald

Aquamarine is a form of the mineral beryl which makes it a part of the same mineral family as the massively popular and long time loved emerald. 

Beryl itself can come in a wide variety of different colours and there are many common gemstones that belong to the beryl mineral family including morganite, a pink variety of beryl and heliodor, a golden variety of beryl. 

The rarest and most expensive form of beryl is red beryl. 

Who knew aquamarine has so many brothers and sisters eh?….

2. Aquamarine Has A Hardness Of 7.5-8 On The Mohs Scale 

OK, so here is where it might get a touch confusing if you’re unfamiliar with the Mohs scale… 

Aquamarine, like other gemstones from the beryl mineral family, has a reputation for being a more brittle gemstone. So why the high rating you might ask? 

Well the Mohs scale doesn’t actually record the ‘hardness’ of a gemstone, if you will. The Mohs scale actually rates scratch resistance. This means its ability to resist scratching from a harder, or higher rated mineral. 

So this is why aquamarine, as well as other beryl minerals have such a high rating while being known for being brittle. 

3. It’s Name Comes From The Latin Word For ‘Aqua Marina’

The name aquamarine is actually derived from the Latin word aqua marina, which translates to sea water in English. This of course, was due to the colours of the aquamarine gemstone being reminiscent of the colours of the sea.  

Aquamarines connection to the sea goes even deeper when you learn more about old folklore that surrounds this truly fascinating gemstone. Which sets us up perfectly for fun fact number 4…

rough aquamarine gemstone on a light blue/grey background
Aquamarine Gemstone

4. Aquamarine Is Steeped In Myth & Legend

As mentioned above, the connection between aquamarine and the ocean is much more than just its name and colours. 

Many years ago, sailors actually used to take aquamarine with them on board their ship when out at sea. This was for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, it was widely believed that aquamarine would keep them safe while they were on their journey at sea. It was believed to offer protection against both seasickness & shipwreck to help them get home safely. Some people were also of the belief that it would in fact protect them from Satan. 

It’s said that another reason aquamarine was taken aboard ships by sailors was that they believed the stone was treasure from mermaids. 

It wasn’t just sailors who believed that aquamarine brought protection to its owner though. Aquamarine has long been seen as a stone that brings safety and in the early days it was even worn into battle…

5. The Stone Of Courage

Following on from the topic of old folklore, the aquamarine gemstone is also known to be a symbol of strength and courage. In fact, aquamarine has long been considered ‘the stone of courage’ by many. 

It is believed that the owner or wearer of this gemstone will release negative energy and make sure they are prepared to show bravery in the face of tough times.

6. Don Pedro Is The World’s Largest Cut Aquamarine

Brace yourself… , the largest mined and cut aquamarine in the world weighs over 10,000 carats! 

This absolute specimen of a gemstone was cut from an enormous aquamarine mined in Pedra Azul, in the state of Minas Gervais in Brazil in the 1980’s. The stone is named after the first emperor of Brazil, Pedro I and his son, Pedro II. 

It was cut by a man named Bernd Munsteiner before it was bought in 1999,then subsequently donated to The Smithsonian Institute before being moved to the National Museum of Natural History where it still resides to this day. 

You can actually go and see it for yourself!

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Wedding Fayre: Pavilion On The Prom

Wedding Fayre, Sunday 29th January 2023, 12-3pm, Catwalk & Prize Dra1 1:30pm


We were at the Pavilion On The Prom wedding fayre at the Park House Hotel in Blackpool for a fantastic event put together by Weddingfayres Lancashire.

There were a host of other amazing local businesses there including Moments In Time, Dan Waller Cars, Alporine Films, Mel Kelly Cakes & Bakes and the amazing Kassidy Kiernan doing live vocals. 

Just click the links should you want to use any of the amazing services these local businesses offer for your wedding! 

There was a wide range of activities here, including a bridal catwalk & prize draw, magician and more on what was a brilliant day… 

See some of the videos & photos we got from the event below…

Pavillion on the Prom Wedding Fayre – 29/01/2023
  • wedding venue set up
  • wedding venue set up
  • Pavillion on the Prom Wedding Fayre Photo 001
  • Pavillion on the Prom Wedding Fayre Photo
  • white wedding dress and kids bridesmaid dress on stands
  • Bridal catwalk, woman wearing a wedding dress on the catwalk
  • Bridal catwalk, woman wearing a wedding dress on the catwalk
  • bridal catwalk. Woman wearing a wedding dress on the catwalk
  • bridal catwalk. Woman wearing a wedding dress on the catwalk
  • Bridal catwalk. Woman wearing a wedding dress on the catwalk.
  • Bridal Catwalk. Woman wearing a wedding dress on the catwalk
  • Cakes on a stand
  • Wedding display with candles
  • Wedding display with candles

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Introducing Argemti Luxus: 6 Questions With The Owner Of Argemti

Argemti Luxus Blog Featured Image


What does luxury mean to you? Is it that elegant piece of 18kt gold or platinum jewellery studded with glistening diamonds? 

Or is it something a little bit more personal? Is it something that you can have just the way you want it? 

A spectacular jewellery design finished off and set with a gemstone that means something more to you. A birthstone, an anniversary stone, or a gemstone with a more personal and sentimental value… 

cushion cut halo ring with matching eternity wedding ring

Introducing Argemti Luxus… 

Argemti Luxus is our brand new luxury jewellery service that is dedicated to making luxury jewellery that little bit more personal. 

With Argemti Luxus, we can offer you thousands of luxury and truly glamorous jewellery designs crafted from 18kt gold or platinum and set with either natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds or a gemstone of your choice… 

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring, bridal set, or just a splendid statement piece that makes its appearance on those special occasions. 

Today we are going through some questions about Argemti Luxus to find out a little bit more from the owner of Argemti, Lee Parkinson…

“So Why Did You Start Argemti Luxus?” 

There’s nothing that makes us happier more than being able to contribute to our clients’ most special and treasured moments. It’s truly a privilege to be a part of that memory knowing the sense of joy someone will feel every time they look at that special piece of jewellery and look back at some of the happiest days of their lives. 

“Where Did The Name Argemti Luxus Come From?” 

The name Luxus comes from the Latin word for luxury. Our brand name, Argemti, actually also comes from Latin but it has a slight play on words. 

When we started out, we were only selling sterling silver and gemstone jewellery. Since the Latin word for silver is argenti, we decided to switch the n, for an m and came up with Argemti to symbolise the fact that we were a silver and gemstone jewellery retailer. 

So that’s how that kind of came about…

“So What Exactly Do You Offer Through Argemti Luxus?” 

With Argemti Luxus, we offer a range of luxury jewellery that is made especially for our client. All the jewellery we offer through Argemti Luxus is made in a precious metal of our clients’ choice from 18 karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. 

As standard, the jewellery we offer is set with natural diamonds, but we can have their jewellery made with either lab grown diamonds, or a coloured gemstone of their choice that they can choose from our gemstone menu. All of our lab grown diamonds and higher grades of emerald, ruby and sapphire come with a full lab report from an independent gemstone laboratory. The lab report details the grade of the stone and offers information on where the gemstone was sourced from.

“So How Do You Place An Order With Argemti Luxus?” 

At the moment, all orders are placed via a virtual, or in person appointment that you can book online on our website, by email at, or by calling us directly at 01772 846 685. We are also now accepting appointment requests via WhatsApp, using the number above.

“What Can Be Expected From You At One Of These Virtual Appointments?”

Well first and foremost our focus is on the client. We always start our appointments getting to know a little bit more about the client, what they desire and what makes them tick. 

Once we know exactly what they are looking for, we can take them through the designs we can offer according to the information we have been given by them. 

Making sure we can offer a top class, professional service that’s tailored to the individual is massively important to us and we will always try our best to go the extra mile to make our clients happy.

“And To Finish, What’s Something About You That You Think People Would Want To Know?”

Well there’s not too much to tell really. I enjoy keeping fit and I exercise every day. Aside from that I just spend time with my fiancee, two year old son and dog when I’m not working or training. I’m definitely somewhat of a family man nowadays…

Well that’s it for now. If you would like to book an appointment with Argemti Luxus then just use the button below to see the available times.

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7 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Wedding Ring

7 Things You Must Know Before Buying Your Wedding Ring feature pic

It’s the day you dreamed of for as long as you can remember. You already know exactly how you want every single little detail to be and you can picture it already in your mind. Everything MUST be perfect! 

There is so much to think about, plan and do to make sure your wedding day is just the way you dreamed it. Your wedding ring is just one small detail out of many. That doesn’t mean though, that you should cut any corners on choosing a wedding ring. This small detail is one that you will live with every day for the rest of your life. So here’s 7 things you really must know before choosing your wedding ring… 

1. Choose A Ring That Suits Your Day To Day Style 

A wedding ring is something that you are going to wear every day for the rest of your life. So you can see why it is so important that you choose a ring that fits nicely with your own personal style. For example if you wear a lot of silver coloured jewellery, you would probably want to go for white gold or platinum. Not only that, but what diamond cut do you prefer the most? What style of band most blends in with your regular look? 

These are all important questions to ask yourself before you shop for a wedding ring or have a bespoke ring made for you. You want to end up with a ring that you can happily show off day in, day out. 

2. Know How Much You Want To Spend First

Setting your budget not only seems like the financially sensible thing to do, but it can also really help you find what it is you really want at a price you are willing to pay. There is one important factor in this though, you need to stick to your budget. 

Without thinking about your budget for a wedding ring and sticking to it, you can often end up finding a ring that you like, then end up paying much more than you had wanted to pay which can end up eating into your overall wedding budget. 

A wedding ring doesn’t have to cost you thousands of pounds just to get the perfect ring for you. For example we can offer made to order wedding rings for just a few hundred. So be sure to have a really good look around!

3. Bridal Sets Matter

bridal set

Of course, your wedding ring will be worn on the same finger as your engagement ring. So it only makes sense that the styles match and go well together. This is why bridal sets are so handy as they ensure that your engagement & wedding rings not only match, but perfectly fit around one another. 

It is 100% possible to find the perfect ring that will fit snugly around large stones in an engagement ring. Shaped bands eternity rings and wishbone rings are often perfect for matching with an engagement ring.

4. The More Personal, The Better

There’s something extra special about personalised rings that you just can’t get from an ordinary ring. Whether it’s your names & wedding date engraved on the band or even your fingerprints. These finer details can really make the difference when finding the wedding ring of your dreams. 

It is important however, to make sure that the band of the ring you choose has enough surface area to support personalised engraving. If you do decide to get your ring engraved, it is recommended to choose a band that is at least 3-3.5mm in width to make sure an engraving can fit the band.

5. Matching Rings Are More Magical

As you both will be wearing a wedding ring, it might be a good idea to have matching wedding rings to bring that extra sense of connection. 

Not only do matching wedding rings add that extra special something to the moment, but the journey of finding your wedding rings is one you will take together. It can also be quite fun doing it together as you get to know more about what each other likes and dislikes. It may actually be one of the more enjoyable things you do when planning your wedding as you can relax a little bit more and enjoy each other’s company.

6. Don’t Leave The Wedding Rings ‘Till Last

gold wedding band

This one especially rings true if you are going for a bespoke or engraved ring. Of course there are so many different things to do when planning and preparing for a wedding. It is all too easy to end up pushing the wedding rings back closer and closer to the date. As understandable as this is, it is really not advisable. 

It is usually a good idea to have your wedding ring bought at least 6 months before your wedding just in case there is something you are not quite happy with to ensure that you have enough time to sort it. There is already enough on your plate with everything else you need to do, so the last thing you want is to be worrying about whether or not your wedding rings will be ready on time!

7. Never Be Afraid To Ask A Professional For Advice

There are so many variables when choosing a wedding ring that with everything else going on it can actually be slightly daunting. Never be afraid to ask for a little bit of help from a professional if you need to know more about diamond cuts, which styles match your engagement ring or any other questions you may have. Any jeweller worth their salt would be more than happy to help you out.

If you do have any questions about finding a wedding ring then you can always ask us at Argemti via email or virtual appointment for free with no obligation. We love helping people like you find the wedding ring of their dreams and bringing smiles to their faces! 

And there we have the 7 things you must know before buying a wedding ring. If you’re on the lookout for your perfect forever ring, we hope that this article has been of use to you! If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or book an appointment to speak with us directly.

If you think there is anything we have missed or if you have any other tips that might help someone out then please drop a comment below. You’re wisdom might just help make someone’s day that extra bit special! 😉

We hope you enjoy the rest of your day! 🙂 

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7 Must Know Facts About Tanzanite

7 Must Know Facts About Tanzanite

With December just around the corner, we thought it would be a good idea to share some information about the official birthstone of December, the wonderful Tanzanite gemstone. 

Want to learn more about who discovered tanzanite, which region tanzanite is mined and what makes tanzanite so special? Keep on reading and learn the 7 must know facts about tanzanite…

1. What Is Tanzanite? 


Tanzanite is a variety of the mineral zoisite which is deep blue to violet in colour that is caused by its contents of the mineral vanadium. When found in Lower grades of the stone, the colour can become a much paler blue to violet, so the higher the colour saturation, the higher the grade/quality of the tanzanite. When most tanzanite is originally mined from the earth, it is actually a brown/red colour. It is then heat treated which turns the stone the vivid blue colour it has been so well known and loved for. 

Tanzanite has a hardness of 6.5 on mohs scale which means that it can easily be scratched by harder minerals.

2. Where Is Tanzanite Mined?

Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania
Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

Tanzanite can only be found and mined in the African country of Tanzania. More specifically it is only found in the Simanjiro District of the Manyara region of Tanzania where it is mined in a space of just 4km near the Mererani Hills just south of Mount Kilimanjaro. This mine is regulated by the Tanzanian Government and is split into 4 blocks named blocks A, B, C & D. Blocks A & C are used by commercial miners while blocks B & D are reserved for locals. 

This is the only place on earth where tanzanite can be found and the chances of finding tanzanite in any other location are said to be over one in a million! This is because tanzanite is what experts describe as a geological phenomenon which was said to have happened 585 million years ago due the shift in tectonic plates, coupled with significant heat that formed Mount Kilimanjaro, also formed rough tanzanite in the process.

3. Who First Discovered Tanzanite?

Tanzanite was first discovered in 1967, however there’s quite a bit of controversy surrounding the discovery of tanzanite. One person who is credited with discovering tanzanite gemstones was a man from a local masai tribe named Ali Juuyawatu who was said to have discovered vibrant blue gemstones on the floor after a lightning strike caused a large bush fire. 

However the most popular theory of the discovery of tanzanite is by a man named Manuel De Souza who was from Goa in India. It is said that Manuel De Souza, who was a keen prospector, was in the small town of Arusha near Mount Kilimanjaro where he discovered what he originally believed to be sapphires while gem hunting. After realising that the gemstone was too soft to be sapphire, the gem was later classified as a form of the mineral zoisite and given the name “blue zoisite”.

4. Where Did Tanzanite Get Its Name

As mentioned earlier, tanzanite was originally named as blue zoisite. Back in 1968, Tiffany & Co’ caught wind of this radiant blue new gemstone but thought that name sounded too much like “blue suicide”. So they named the gemstone Tanzanite in tribute to the county that it originated from. They then created a marketing campaign of Tanzanite can only be found in 2 places, in Tanzania and at Tiffany’s.

5. Is Tanzanite Rare?

Tanzanite eternity ring
Tanzanite eternity ring

Tanzanite is one of rarest natural minerals on earth. This is largely due to the fact that it is only found and mined in one small 4km strip of land in the entire world. It is actually said that tanzanite is in fact, 1000 times rarer than natural diamonds. 

To put into perspective how rare tanzanite actually is, some geologists have estimated that the supply of tanzanite could be depleted within the next decade or two which would render tanzanite as an heirloom.

6. Why Does Tanzanite Change Colour?

Tanzanite gemstones have been known to look different colours when you view them from different angles. This is just one other reason why tanzanite is so special. Tanzanite is a trichroic gemstone which basically means that when light enters the stone, it vibrates in different planes which causes the stone to be extremely reactive to light and show different colours from different perspectives.

7. Why Is Tanzanite The December Birthstone?

The month of December actually has 3 different associated Birthstones. These are zircon, turquoise and of course, tanzanite. It wasn’t until 2002 that tanzanite was officially recognised as the birthstone of December by the American Gem Trade Association. It was the first birthstone that was added to the official list of Birthstones since 90 years prior, all the way back in 1912!

Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read our blog. Now you know why tanzanite is so special and very deserving of being such a treasured gemstone in jewellery! What do you think about tanzanite? Is it one of your favourite gemstones or not? I know it’s one of mine! Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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6 Top Tips For Choosing The Perfect Engagement Ring

Tips for choosing the perfect engagement ring

I’ve been there myself, choosing the right engagement ring for your partner can often be a daunting task. Of course you want everything to be perfect and help get the “yes” out of your partner that you so eagerly desire. 

It goes without saying that the ring can be a huge part of getting the answer you really want. Not only that, but you want to be sure that you can get a ring that your partner really loves and is happy to show off to their friends and family. 

If you need a little push in the right direction, then keep reading and we will share with you our top tips for choosing an engagement ring…

1. Choose a ring That Matches Their Style.

photo of engagement ring
Photo by TranStudios Photography & Video on

This can seem like a simplistic answer, but choosing a ring that matches the type of jewellery they already wear is obviously a great idea as this will be a ring that they will wear forever. If your partner wears a lot of gold then it is probably best to go for a gold ring. However if they wear a lot of silver, then you might want to consider either white gold or platinum. With that being said, sterling silver can be just as good as these more expensive metals. Especially if you want it to be more about the moment than the price tag. 

It’s also worth thinking about whether or not your partner wants a diamond in their engagement ring. Recently, other precious and semi precious gemstones like rubies, amethyst and others have massively grown in popularity for engagement rings. Our best advice would be to go with the gemstone that they love the most to make sure you get a ring that they will truly cherish and fall head over heels for.

2. Ask friends or family

There is every chance that your partner has described their ideal engagement ring to a friend or family member. If this is the case, then you might benefit from asking for a little bit of advice on what it is your partner most desires in their engagement ring. 

They might have even already had a browse around online at engagement rings to imagine what their dream ring would like. This is all information that you can use to make sure you get a ring that they will really love!

3. Know Your Partner’s Ring Size

Again this might just seem like common sense, but knowing your partner’s ring size goes a long way to making the proposal a little less awkward as it would be if the ring didn’t fit. Plus on the upside if you manage to get the ring size right then it will show that you know your partner and may get you a few extra brownie points! 😉 

There are plenty of ways to find your partner’s ring size without them ever knowing. If you like, you can take a look at our ring size guide for our favourite tips and tricks for getting a ring size in secret. We say in secret because just asking will probably spoil the surprise and we don’t want that!

4. Choose Which Style Best Suits Your Partner

close up photo of ring
Photo by Danielle De Angelis on

This tip kind of follows on from our first tip. When it comes to engagement rings, there are many different styles of ring that you can choose from and each has its own benefits. For someone who enjoys the more traditional style your best bet might be a single solitaire whereas someone who prefers a more glamorous look might appreciate a halo, shoulder or cluster set engagement ring.

5. The Diamond Or Gemstone Cut Is Always Important

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One of the 4 C’s of diamond grading, the cut of the stone you want in your ring is key to making sure you get a style that fits. If you can, take note of the types of stones your partner wears in their jewellery on a day to day basis. If there is a common theme in the type of cut used in their jewellery then that is probably a favourite of theirs and may be a good bet for a ring that they will wear day in, day out! We actually have a previous blog post on different cuts of gemstones if you are unsure of what styles you can choose from or if you are just unsure of the names of certain cuts that you know by sight…

6. Pay Attention To The Setting

The setting used to attach the diamond or gemstone to your ring can make all the difference in the overall sparkle and luster of the stone. While having their own different advantages, certain types of setting like bezel or flush settings do not allow as much light to travel through the bottom of the stone which can affect its ability to reflect light and give off that radiant shine. 

On the other hand prong, Tiffany and other settings which leave the bottom half of the stone exposed allow for maximum light reflection which really brings out the brilliance of your diamonds or precious gemstones. We actually have a short blog post where we go through some of the different types of settings that you may find useful.

If you’re still a little unsure or just need a little bit of extra professional and friendly advice, then feel free to book yourself in for a free consultation with us with absolutely no obligation. 

We can offer you expert advice on choosing that perfect engagement ring either as a virtual appointment via zoom or an in person consultation for those local to the Preston, Lancashire area in a location where you feel most comfortable. 

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An Introduction To E-coated Jewellery

sterling silver crystal bar bracelet

You may have seen pieces of jewellery either in a jewellery store or elsewhere where the metal has been described as “e-coated”. If you’ve heard this for the first time then you are probably wondering what it is or whether it benefits precious metal jewellery at all. Well if that’s you, then keep on reading our introduction to e-coated jewellery…

What is e-coating on jewellery?

sterling silver cz eternity ring

E-coating, also known as electro coating, is a layer of lacquer that is evenly coated over a piece of jewellery using electric currents. This layer over the jewellery is mostly unnoticeable and is commonly used in jewellery making on precious metal pieces such as silver, gold or platinum.

What does e-coating do? And what’s the benefit?

As I’m sure you all know, precious metal jewellery is often alloyed with other metals like copper to give it the strength required to craft jewellery from. For example 925 sterling silver is made up of at least 92.5% fine silver and 7.5% alloy metals. Whereas 9ct gold is made up of at least 37.5% fine gold and 62.5% alloy metals. 

Because of the alloy metals, jewellery can end up tarnishing over time due to reactions with sulphur in the air and other factors. E-coating actually helps to prevent this from happening.

This is because e-coating is an anti-tarnish layer over precious metal jewellery which also is used to protect the metal from general wear and tear like scuffs or scratches. This coating can last for years when it’s properly taken care of which is great for helping your new pieces last longer.

sterling silver cz triangle necklace

How is e-coating done?

While some jewellers may have their own way of applying e-coating to a piece of jewellery, the basic method is practically the same universally.

  • Firstly the piece is polished to ensure that the surface area of the jewellery is smooth.
  • Then the piece is cleaned thoroughly to make sure that any dirt is removed from the piece before coating.
  • The piece of jewellery is then rinsed in distilled water to make sure that it is ready to be coated
  • The jewellery is then placed into a bath of e-coating and an electrical current is sent through the bath. This makes the coating stick to the piece of jewellery.
  • After that bath, the jewellery is then placed in an oven to bake. This makes the coating hard and resilient. This process is also called curing.

Once the baking process is done, your jewellery is ready! When done properly, the jewellery should have an even coating around the entire piece. Please note that it is not recommended to try this at home unless you are trained and have the knowledge to do so.

Any comments or questions about e-coating? Let us know in the comment section below! We would love to hear from you…

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5 Different Types Of Gemstone Settings

Different Types Of Gemstone Settings

The type of setting used to create your jewellery can be the real difference in the pieces character & appeal. A gemstone setting refers to the style of metal which holds the gemstone to the jewellery and there are lots of different ways in which this is done. Let us give you a quick run down of some of the most popular & commonly seen settings used in jewellery creation.

Prong Setting

sterling silver amethyst ring with a prong setting

A prong setting holds the gemstone in place with 3 or more metal prongs that attach around the top of the gemstone. The main benefit of a prong settings’ appearance is that they allow light to reflect through a lot more angles of the gemstone than other setting types which really brings out the sparkle & brilliance of the gemstone. 

Prong settings are commonly seen in engagement rings but are widely used in many different types of jewellery. Take a look at some of the jewellery we have in stock that uses prong set gemstones.

Bezel Setting

sterling silver blue topaz bezel set earrings

Another widely common set of gemstone is the bezel setting. Extremely common with pendants & earrings, a bezel setting is a layer of metal that encases the gemstone & only shows the front of it. Due to the gemstone being more encased, they do not reflect the light as well as other settings. 

Bezel settings are most frequently used with cabochon cut gemstones or with gemstones that have a lower quality as they are better at hiding any inclusions and imperfections. A bezel setting however is known to be a much more safe and secure setting type than other settings. 

There are in fact two different types of bezel setting, a full bezel & a half bezel or partial bezel. As the names suggest, a full bezel surrounds the entire gemstone while the partial bezel only surrounds some of the stone. Usually on two sides. 

Take a look at a few examples of bezel settings with some of the gorgeous bezel set gemstone jewellery that we have on offer in store. 

Channel Setting

sterling silver channel set cz tennis bracelet

Channel settings are when a row of gemstones are set in a straight line, next to one another and separated by a thin strip of metal. Channel settings can be seen in eternity rings, wedding rings, tennis bracelets & an extraordinary range of jewellery pieces. They are particularly effective when accompanying a main feature stone on either side to give off a luscious sparkle to a piece of jewellery. 

Find an example of channel set gemstones in the collections in our store…

Grain Setting

Yellow gold grain set diamond eternity ring

A grain setting is similar to a channel setting in the way that they are often set in straight lines, however that is not always the case. Grain set gemstones are held in place by tiny beads of metal that hold the stone in its four corners and secure it. 

Grain settings are also a very popular choice for eternity rings & other wedding rings & can be a better choice over channel settings as there is often more room for light to reflect on the angles of the gemstone to make it more dazzling. 

You can see examples of grain settings here on our website….

Pave Setting

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Similar to grain settings, a pave setting features gemstones that are closely set together over a larger area on a piece of jewellery. This style of setting is most commonly used on pendants & rings. 

You can see some examples of pave settings in our online store…

These are just a select few in a very large selection of different gemstone settings. I will leave it at that for now to try and keep this post short, but we will definitely do into more at some point in the future. 

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