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9 Different Types & Style Of Chains

A selection of sterling silver chains laid out on a black backdrop

9 Different Types & Styles Of Chain

  1. Belcher Chains
  2. Box Chains
  3. Curb Chains
  4. Figaro Chains
  5. Rope Chains
  6. Singapore Chains
  7. Snake Chains
  8. Spiga Chains
  9. Trace Chains

Want to know more about the different types of chains? Or what kind of chain you should wear to suit your style? You’re in the right place! Learn more about the different types & styles of jewellery chains

Chains can come in all different shapes and sizes. There are so many different styles and designs of chains it can be difficult to know which one suits your style best. A good starting point is to know the many varieties of chains and their specific characteristics. For example some chains are best just worn on their own, some chains are ideal for sporting pendants or medallions and some can give off an eye-catching effect when worn layered with different sizes. Here we go through some of the more popular styles of chain to help you get a better idea of which one may suit your style…

Belcher Chains

A belcher chain is characterized by D or round shaped links which can come in an array of different sizes and widths, interlocked with equal in length links. They are a type of trace chain that are more commonly worn by men and usually worn by themselves, however belcher chains can still be worn with a pendant if you so wish. Belchers are known to be sturdy and more often than not great value for money which is why they are one of the more popular styles of chain.

Explore our collection of belcher chains…

Box Chains

sterling silver box chain on white background with vinagette

Box chains, also known as venetian chains are identified by square, box shaped links that have four identical surfaces all the way around them. Box chains are known as one of the most sturdy types of chain that you can get and are generally easier to fix than other types of chains if they do get broken. Smaller widths of box chain are very popular with women’s pendants and charms but the wider widths can also look very effective on their own and can be worn by either men or women as statement piece.

Explore our collection of box chains…

Curb Chains

sterling silver curb chain on white vinagette background

The curb chain is a classic and widely popular style of chain which itself comes in many different varieties, from open curb, closed curb, flat curb, single curb and many more. Curb chains can be identified by the links having a groove on either side to allow the other links to connect and sit in smoothly, giving the surface a more flat appearance. This design of chain is usually more popular with men in its larger sizes but can also be a perfect match for womens pendants when the width is smaller. The majority of our pendants we sell in store come as standard with a 1mm wide curb chain. Curb chains also are effective when worn layered with varying lengths of chains and can be quite eye-catching.

Explore our collection of curb chains…

Figaro Chains

sterling silver figaro chain being held on a black background

Figaro chains originated in Italy and sport a very distinctive and classic design. The name figaro is said to come from the main character of the classical opera “Marriage of Figaro”. This style of chain is characterized by 2 or 3 closed curb links attached to one long open oval link. This stunning design of chain is popular with both men and women, but are generally more popular with males and can be worn either on its own or is extremely effective when adorning a pendant or medallion.

Explore our collection of figaro chains…

Rope Chains

sterling silver prince of wales rope chain on white background with vinagette

Rope chains are made up of twisted and intertwined links that resemble a rope, hence the name rope chain. Rope chains are especially popular in wider links and worn as a statement piece, mostly with men but are also known to be worn at a smaller width with a pendant or charm for women. Either way the rope chain is a highly effective piece which is extremely popular around the world.

Explore our collection of rope chains…

Singapore Chains

sterling silver singapore chain on white background with vinagette

Singapore chains are made from twisted curb links that can make the chain look almost like a rope chain. This gives the chain a remarkably eye-catching Ripple like effect,making Singapore chains a brilliant option for stylish pendants and even better for layering with other lengths of chain.

Explore our collection of singapore chains…

Snake Chains

sterling silver snake chain on white background with vinagette

A snake chain is made up of tightly knit together rings which gives the chain a solid appearance. The links of a snake chain are not as clearly visible as that of other types of chain and leave no gaps in between the links. Snake chains are popular to be worn with pendants and over the years have become ever more popular used as charm bracelets. The name snake chain comes from the fact that the chain resembles the skin of a snake.

Explore our collection of snake chains…

Spiga Chains

sterling silver spiga chain on white background with vinagette

A spiga, or wheat chain is usually made up of tightly interlocked figure of eight links to make up a thick and sturdy chain. The final design looks similar to wheat heads, hence why it is also known by the name wheat chain. Spiga chains are said to be known for their durability and resilience which makes them a popular choice for pendants and medallions.

Explore our collection of spiga chains…

Trace Chains

trace chain

Trace chains, also known as cable chains are an extremely popular choice to be worn with pendants and are a very delicate chain which is made up of either round or oval shaped links of the same length and width interlocked with one another. Trace chains are mostly found in smaller widths which is why they are a common choice for pendants and charms.

Explore our collection of trace chains…

These are just 9 of an absolutely huge selection of different styles of chain that you can find on the market. Others include byzanite, franco, marina and many many others which we will go through at a later date. If you have any questions or want to know more about the different types of chains you can buy then please leave a comment below…

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