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5 Different Types Of Gemstone Settings

Different Types Of Gemstone Settings

The type of setting used to create your jewellery can be the real difference in the pieces character & appeal. A gemstone setting refers to the style of metal which holds the gemstone to the jewellery and there are lots of different ways in which this is done. Let us give you a quick run down of some of the most popular & commonly seen settings used in jewellery creation.

Prong Setting

sterling silver peridot ring with a prong setting

A prong setting holds the gemstone in place with 3 or more metal prongs that attach around the top of the gemstone. The main benefit of a prong settings’ appearance is that they allow light to reflect through a lot more angles of the gemstone than other setting types which really brings out the sparkle & brilliance of the gemstone. 

Prong settings are commonly seen in engagement rings but are widely used in many different types of jewellery. Take a look at some of the jewellery we have in stock that uses prong set gemstones.

Bezel Setting

sterling silver blue topaz bezel set earrings

Another widely common set of gemstone is the bezel setting. Extremely common with pendants & earrings, a bezel setting is a layer of metal that encases the gemstone & only shows the front of it. Due to the gemstone being more encased, they do not reflect the light as well as other settings. 

Bezel settings are most frequently used with cabochon cut gemstones or with gemstones that have a lower quality as they are better at hiding any inclusions and imperfections. A bezel setting however is known to be a much more safe and secure setting type than other settings. 

There are in fact two different types of bezel setting, a full bezel & a half bezel or partial bezel. As the names suggest, a full bezel surrounds the entire gemstone while the partial bezel only surrounds some of the stone. Usually on two sides. 

Take a look at a few examples of bezel settings with some of the gorgeous bezel set gemstone jewellery that we have on offer in store. 

Channel Setting

sterling silver channel set cz tennis bracelet

Channel settings are when a row of gemstones are set in a straight line, next to one another and separated by a thin strip of metal. Channel settings can be seen in eternity rings, wedding rings, tennis bracelets & an extraordinary range of jewellery pieces. They are particularly effective when accompanying a main feature stone on either side to give off a luscious sparkle to a piece of jewellery. 

Find an example of channel set gemstones in the collections in our store…

Grain Setting

Yellow gold grain set diamond eternity ring

A grain setting is similar to a channel setting in the way that they are often set in straight lines, however that is not always the case. Grain set gemstones are held in place by tiny beads of metal that hold the stone in its four corners and secure it. 

Grain settings are also a very popular choice for eternity rings & other wedding rings & can be a better choice over channel settings as there is often more room for light to reflect on the angles of the gemstone to make it more dazzling. 

You can see examples of grain settings here on our website….

Pave Setting

fingers of a senior woman touching her earring
Photo by SHVETS production on Pexels.com

Similar to grain settings, a pave setting features gemstones that are closely set together over a larger area on a piece of jewellery. This style of setting is most commonly used on pendants & rings. 

You can see some examples of pave settings in our online store…

These are just a select few in a very large selection of different gemstone settings. I will leave it at that for now to try and keep this post short, but we will definitely do into more at some point in the future. 

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