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Introducing Argemti Luxus: 6 Questions With The Owner Of Argemti

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What does luxury mean to you? Is it that elegant piece of 18kt gold or platinum jewellery studded with glistening diamonds? 

Or is it something a little bit more personal? Is it something that you can have just the way you want it? 

A spectacular jewellery design finished off and set with a gemstone that means something more to you. A birthstone, an anniversary stone, or a gemstone with a more personal and sentimental value… 

cushion cut halo ring with matching eternity wedding ring

Introducing Argemti Luxus… 

Argemti Luxus is our brand new luxury jewellery service that is dedicated to making luxury jewellery that little bit more personal. 

With Argemti Luxus, we can offer you thousands of luxury and truly glamorous jewellery designs crafted from 18kt gold or platinum and set with either natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds or a gemstone of your choice… 

Whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, wedding ring, bridal set, or just a splendid statement piece that makes its appearance on those special occasions. 

Today we are going through some questions about Argemti Luxus to find out a little bit more from the owner of Argemti, Lee Parkinson…

“So Why Did You Start Argemti Luxus?” 

There’s nothing that makes us happier more than being able to contribute to our clients’ most special and treasured moments. It’s truly a privilege to be a part of that memory knowing the sense of joy someone will feel every time they look at that special piece of jewellery and look back at some of the happiest days of their lives. 

“Where Did The Name Argemti Luxus Come From?” 

The name Luxus comes from the Latin word for luxury. Our brand name, Argemti, actually also comes from Latin but it has a slight play on words. 

When we started out, we were only selling sterling silver and gemstone jewellery. Since the Latin word for silver is argenti, we decided to switch the n, for an m and came up with Argemti to symbolise the fact that we were a silver and gemstone jewellery retailer. 

So that’s how that kind of came about…

“So What Exactly Do You Offer Through Argemti Luxus?” 

With Argemti Luxus, we offer a range of luxury jewellery that is made especially for our client. All the jewellery we offer through Argemti Luxus is made in a precious metal of our clients’ choice from 18 karat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or platinum. 

As standard, the jewellery we offer is set with natural diamonds, but we can have their jewellery made with either lab grown diamonds, or a coloured gemstone of their choice that they can choose from our gemstone menu. All of our lab grown diamonds and higher grades of emerald, ruby and sapphire come with a full lab report from an independent gemstone laboratory. The lab report details the grade of the stone and offers information on where the gemstone was sourced from.

“So How Do You Place An Order With Argemti Luxus?” 

At the moment, all orders are placed via a virtual, or in person appointment that you can book online on our website, by email at lee@argemti.com, or by calling us directly at 01772 846 685. We are also now accepting appointment requests via WhatsApp, using the number above.

“What Can Be Expected From You At One Of These Virtual Appointments?”

Well first and foremost our focus is on the client. We always start our appointments getting to know a little bit more about the client, what they desire and what makes them tick. 

Once we know exactly what they are looking for, we can take them through the designs we can offer according to the information we have been given by them. 

Making sure we can offer a top class, professional service that’s tailored to the individual is massively important to us and we will always try our best to go the extra mile to make our clients happy.

“And To Finish, What’s Something About You That You Think People Would Want To Know?”

Well there’s not too much to tell really. I enjoy keeping fit and I exercise every day. Aside from that I just spend time with my fiancee, two year old son and dog when I’m not working or training. I’m definitely somewhat of a family man nowadays…

Well that’s it for now. If you would like to book an appointment with Argemti Luxus then just use the button below to see the available times.

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