Jewellery Cleaning Guides

connoisseurs silver polishing cloth on a grey background

Jewellery Cleaning Guides

Has your jewellery lost its sparkle? Ever wonder how to clean jewellery or how often you should clean jewellery? Find the answer to all of your jewellery care problems with our detailed jewellery cleaning guides.

It is so easy to forget to clean your jewellery when you get caught up in the hustle and bustle of day to day life, but those precious pieces of jewellery that hold so many memories deserve a little bit of TLC every now and again. After all, you wouldn’t wear the same clothes everyday without washing them.

Learn how to clean jewellery with our guides on cleaning silver jewellery, cleaning gold jewellery, cleaning plated jewellery, cleaning gemstone jewellery, cleaning diamond jewellery, cleaning pearl jewellery & cleaning opal jewellery…

Cleaning Sterling Silver Jewellery

sterling silver pendant with connoisseurs silver jewellery cleaner

Learn the best practices on how to clean sterling silver jewellery with our cleaning silver jewellery guide…

Cleaning Gold Jewellery

Learn our favourite tips and tricks for cleaning gold jewellery with our jewellery care guide… 

gold rings

Cleaning Plated Jewellery

rose gold plated sterling silver double heart pendant with connisseus jewellery cleansing foam

Cleaning silver plated jewellery? Cleaning gold plated jewellery? Learn how to clean plated jewellery with our favourite tips…

Cleaning Diamond Jewellery

Learn how to clean diamond jewellery with our favourite tips and tricks to keep those precious pieces sparkling…

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Cleaning Gemstone Jewellery

sterling silver pk topaz ring with diamond dazzlestik

Jewellery set with gemstones? Find out how to clean gemstone jewellery including rubies, emeralds, sapphires and more…

Cleaning Pearl Jewellery

Find out how to clean pearl jewellery to keep those delicate pearls glistening with their natural shimmer…

pearl jewellery polishing

Cleaning Opal Jewellery

lab created opal pendant polish

Learn about how to clean opal jewellery and let those unique opals radiate their natural beauty…