Necklace Size Guide

tape measure hanging over a mannequin neck

Necklace Size Guide

Shopping online, it can be difficult to know which length of necklace is best suited to your own or a loved ones style. With our necklace size guide chart, finding that ideal length has never been easier. Check out the image below to find your perfect necklace size.

This visual is based on an average 5ft 9in person so sizes may vary depending on the person. There is really no set standard for the length of a necklace as there are a number of variables like a person’s height, size of neck, personal style and even the type of necklace.

Our Recommendations

For necklaces and chains that feature pendants and medallions, it is usually best to use a slightly longer chain to allow the pendant or medallion to hang comfortably. 

Necklaces and chains that are worn on their own are usually worn at a little lower than collarbone height which usually calls for a 18 – 24 inch chain length depending on your size. 

One general rule is to measure the wearers neck at the base using a tape measure and the ideal necklace length for that person is two sizes up from their neck size. For example if the base of your neck measures at 20 inches, it is advised to go for a 24 inch necklace length.

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