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Argemti NFT Art

Online jewellery shopping & the metaverse collide with Argemti NFT art. Discover a new way to shop for jewellery online and take a step into the future…

Explore an exciting new world of NFT’s with brand new Argemti Jewellery NFT Arts featuring digital abstract art of some of our more stunning and beautiful jewellery pieces. Perfect for jewellery lovers and art collectors alike, Argemti Jewellery NFT Art offers exclusive collections for you to enjoy and actually own.

Distributed on the Polygon Blockchain through OpenSea, you can purchase our NFT’s without the hassle of paying over the odds on gas fees, while giving you a public proof of ownership of the NFT on the Polygon blockchain. Discover our profile on OpenSea and open up to a whole new world of abstract jewellery NFT art.

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But Wait… There’s More!!

Where Online Jewellery Shopping Meets The Metaverse…

Owning a product based NFT from Argemti also gives you the opportunity to redeem the physical product that is featured in your NFT for FREE as long as you have a valid shipping address in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand!

This also gives you the public proof of ownership of your physical piece of jewellery on the Polygon blockchain explorer, making you the verified, traceable owner of the piece!

Once you have purchased your NFT, you will be given access to the unlockable content attached to the NFT. Simply follow the steps there to claim your physical product!

If your product is out of stock in our store, we will send out the product as soon as it becomes available again. This should take no longer than 28 days but in some cases, which we will inform you of, it may take longer.

If in the future you decide to sell your NFT please also send the physical product, or if unclaimed the redeem code to the new owner of the NFT.

Click here for a full breakdown of our policy on NFT’s…

Explore Our OpenSea Profile

Take a look at a handful of our debut pieces of abstract NFT jewellery art on OpenSea. Available for purchase from 17/01/2022!:


What is an NFT?

NFT stands for non-fungible token. A non-fungible token is a unit of data that is stored on a digital ledger or blockchain and is used to represent ownership of unique items. NFT’s can come as an image, video, audio, GIF and many other types of digital files including deeds, documents and certificates. Each digital token is unique and can only have one owner.

How do you prove ownership of an NFT?

When you purchase an NFT, ownership is easily proven as it is transferred to your chosen wallet via your public address which makes each and every transaction traceable through a blockchain explorer.

To find out more about NFT’s and how they work, please visit