Our Story

Our Story

Learn more about the Argemti story. Find out how it all started, what we promise to offer you and what makes us love what we do.

I’ve always had an eye and love for jewellery. It has often been a go to gift for birthdays, christmas & valentine’s day as well as being an occasional personal treat. Despite this though I was often put off by the high prices from the majority of high street jewellers, which made buying high quality fine jewellery less accessible for those on lower wages. On the other hand lower priced jewellery is more often than not cheap looking or not genuine precious metal. This is where Argemti was born…

Argemti is a startup online jewellery retailer that provides genuine, high quality & unique jewellery made with love and passion at low and affordable prices that wont damage your pocket, all from the comfort of your own home. All orders are delivered to your door for an easy, swift and stress-free shopping experience. As of yet, we do not have a physical location or store though we hope to open a high street shop in future so that we can meet you face to face. For now though, we do offer free online appointments for jewellery viewings via video chat, just in case you would prefer a face to face interaction.

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The reason our prices are so much less than your average jewellery retailer is because we believe in simplicity. Streamlining the way we do things as much as possible to avoid unnecessary charges being shown in our prices. All jewellery orders come in a luxury jewellery case made from recycled materials. We also offer a reasonably priced gift wrap service, using recycled and eco-friendly crafts for those special occasions & gifts.

From the moment your order is placed, our main focus is giving you the satisfaction as a loyal customer that you deserve. We believe that jewellery should mark a special and memorable occasion and we treat each order as such to help make that memory a good one that you can cherish.

It’s a belief of ours though, that customer service goes beyond the point of sale…

We want you to not just have a stunning piece of jewellery to show off with, but the knowledge and confidence to keep that jewellery in shiny and pristine condition. Argemti is a stockist of Connoisseurs, world leaders in jewellery care products and have an array of jewellery cleaning products coming soon to our store. We also offer a free, detailed jewellery care guide full of tips on the best and safest ways to clean and store your jewellery.

See our Jewellery Care Guides…

This is the jewellery store that cares and works for you! So if you have any special requirements or enquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us and I will be more than happy to help. The tagline is “Nothing less than excellence” and that refers to our customer service as well as our jewellery collection.

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