Our Sustainability Pledge

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Our Sustainability Pledge

Find out how Argemti plans to aid in the global effort to hit net zero, reduce our carbon footprint and become a more sustainable and eco friendly jewellery retailer.

At Argemti, we believe it is our responsibility to do our bit to help the world towards a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future. Our sustainability pledge aims to demonstrate all the ways in which we plan to hit net zero as a business and do our bit for the environment.

We plant 1 tree for every product sold thanks to one tree planted

Our Products Plant Trees!

For every product we sell, we promise to plant one tree through One Tree Planted, a non-profit organisation which is dedicated to focusing on global reforestation by planting trees around the world. This helps us give back to the environment, reduce our own carbon footprint and provide a habitat to a majority of the world terrestrial.

Eco Friendly Packaging

All products we sell in store are packaged in recycled or full recyclable packaging. This includes all the materials we use for gift wrapping & shipping.

eco friendly | Sterling silver lab created opal dolphin and anchor pendant in eco friendly and fully recyclable jewellery box
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Reduced Plastic Use

We keep the use of unnecessary plastics to a bare minimum and only use plastic which is fully recyclable. We also take extra care to recycle all plastics on site and work as environmentally friendly as possible.

We don’t plan to stop there though…

We have set a series of goals and plans to make sure that we further reduce our carbon footprint in the coming years…

  • All jewellery we sell will be made from 100% recycled materials by the year 2025.
  • Completely phase out the use of plastics in favour of more sustainable and eco friendly alternatives by the year 2023.
  • Make further yearly donations to Plant One Tree to aid their global reforestation projects on top of the donation made for each product sold.
  • Work closely with other charitable organisations that are dedicated to reducing the earths carbon emissions.
  • Support organisations that are dedicated to removing plastic from the ocean.
Contact Us

If you believe there is anything you can do help us on our mission, have any questions about our sustainability pledge, or if you believe there is anything else we can do to help further reduce our carbon footprint then please get in contact with us using the contact box provided. We promise to respond to you within 24 hours…