Gift Card Policy

How your gift card can be used

We aim to make sure all customers are fully satisfied with their purchases. This includes our e-gift cards, which is why we have put this policy in place to help you understand exactly what you are buying. These policies are in place for your security as well as our own. We have partnered with GiftUp as our gift card provider and they follow all of the relevant data protection laws when processing your data. Before purchasing a gift card it is important that you read and understand our gift card policy.

  1. Purchasing and redeeming of gift cards can only be done either online or in person.
  2. Gift cards may be sent by email to whoever they are for along with a personal message from you, however we reserve the right to refuse any offensive messages.
  3. If your message is refused a refund will be given and your order cancelled.
  4. £10 is the minimum amount that can be loaded onto a gift card.
  5. £100 is the maximum amount that can be loaded onto the gift card.
  6. A gift card can be used to pay for all or part of an order.
  7. You can use up to 3 gift cards for any single order.
  8. You can not buy a gift card with another gift card.
  9. Gift cards can not be exchanged for cash
  10. Any refunds given on an item that was paid for via gift card, will be refunded back to the gift card. Not cash.
  11. We reserve the right to refuse to accept a gift card if there is any evidence of tampering or fraud.
  12. We accept no responsibility for the loss of any gift cards.
  13. If for any reason Argemti is to go into liquidation, we will honour your right to refund. If this is to happen we will release further details to you by email, if you have allowed us to contact you by this method.
  14. Gift cards are valid immediately after they have been purchased and have no expiration date.
  15. Gift cards are subject to the same 30 day returns policy as all other items in our store.

By purchasing a gift card you are also agreeing to all of the terms listed above. If you have read, understood and agree to these terms you can continue to purchase a gift card here.