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Jewellery Care


Jewellery Care With Argemti

Has your favourite piece of jewellery lost its shine & radiance? We know the feeling & frustration all too well! That’s why we are here to help you with your jewellery care needs & help get those treasured pieces of jewellery back sparkling the way they should with our favourite jewellery cleaning tips and jewellery storage hacks!


Why Is Jewellery Care Important?

Caring for your jewellery goes a long way to making sure your most precious pieces last as long as possible. Dirt, dust and other nasties can build up behind stone settings leading to gemstones looking dull and lifeless. While a whole host of day to day factors that you probably wont even think about can negatively effect the precious metals in your jewellery causing them to lose their lustre or even tarnish… Our jewellery care guides are designed to show you how to clean jewellery at home like a professional. Learn more about cleaning your jewellery no matter what the metal or stone is & how to store jewellery safely when you’re not wearing it to make sure your jewellery keeps its dazzling radiance.

Sterling ilvr and citrine earrings on a purple napkin


Jewellery Cleaning Guides

Cleaning your jewellery at home is much easier than you might think! Unsure where to start? Whether you’re cleaning sterling silver, gold, plated jewellery or any diamond or gemstone, our free jewellery cleaning guides have you covered…

Cleaning Guides
sterling silver pink m.o.p celtic knot ring on a purple napkn


How To Store Jewellery Safely

Selection of jewellery inside a smal jewellery box

Knowing how to store your jewellery correctly while you’re not wearing it is just as important as regular cleaning it if you want to keep it in the best condition and get the best value for money.

Tangled necklace, scratches, scuffs, dust and dirt build-ups and tarnishing are just a few of the ways you could be harming those precious jewellery pieces while they’re stored away.

Learn how to store your jewellery safely and securely to make sure that it’s ready to sparkle on call…

Storage Guide


Watch Care

Caring for your watch goes much deeper than just cleaning the watch. Watch care includes changing batteries, servicing and many other factors. Not to mention the wide varieties of of mechanics that make up watches, materials used to make the watch, whether the watch is water resistant or waterproof and how water resistant or waterproof it actually is…

Our watch care guide was designed to give you a head start when caring for your favourite timepiece. Learn the basics of cleaning your watch depending on it’s materials and mechanics…

Watch Care
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How To Prevent Damage & Tarnishing

There’s many reasons why precious metal jewellery can tarnish or get damaged. Luckily tarnishing can easily be prevented if you know how to properly care for your jewellery.

With our Preventing Damage & Tarnishing guide, you can learn why and how jewellery gets damaged or tarnishes and how it can be prevented.

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Shop Jewellery Care

Looking for something to make jewellery care so much easier? Explore our selection of jewellery cleaning, polishing and storage products in store and make jewellery care more convenient for your busy lifestyle…

Argemti are stockists of Connoisseurs, world leaders in jewellery care.

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Jewellery Cleaning Service

Still unsure where to start with cleaning your jewellery? Or maybe you just don’t have the time to do it yourself? We can do it for you…

Our UK jewellery cleaning service promises to bring back that professional, off the workbench sparkle to your jewellery no matter the metal or gemstone…

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silver and tanzanite eternity ring being cleaned