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Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner is perfect for a fast & convenient way to clean your sterling silver jewellery. It quickly and efficiently is able to remove tarnish and oxidisation and restores the shine of your sterling silver jewellery, giving it a new lease of life. Works in under 10 seconds.


To be used on sterling silver only!!



1. Place one piece of sterling silver jewellery on the tray provided

2. Dip the piece of jewellery into the solution and let it soak for 10 seconds. (IMPORTANT: Please do not leave your jewellery in for too long)

3. Remove jewellery from the solution and give it a rinse in warm water to remove the residue.

4. Dry your piece of jewellery with a soft cloth, we recommend using Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Polishing Cloth for the best results as the protective barrier it adds to the jewellery will help the results last much longer.


Weight0.31 kg
Dimensions18 × 13.5 × 6 cm



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connoisseurs silver jewellery cleaner
Connoisseurs Silver Jewellery Cleaner


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