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Virtual Try On

Virtual Try On Cover Photo

Revolutionise Your Online Jewellery Shopping Experience With Augmented Reality

Discover the beta version of our brand new virtual try on mirror & take a step into the future of online jewellery shopping with Argemti.

Virtual Reality x Online Jewellery Shopping

The world of jewellery shopping online can be pretty daunting. The advantage of visiting a physical jewellery shop is that you can see and hold the jewellery physically and even try it on so that you can get a feel of whether the jewellery matches your style and expectations.

Using Augmented Reality we aim to give you an optimal online shopping experience with the added bonus of having a little bit of fun with our virtual try on mirror. 😀

The beta version of this virtual try on feature include just a small handful of the products we offer. However if all goes well with the beta test, we hope to bring you even more products to play around with on our virtual try on mirror!

How To Use The Virtual Try On

  1. Open The Virtual Try On
  2. Display Product Menu
  3. Choose Product
  4. Live Mode
  5. Capture Photo
  6. Upload a Photo
  7. Photo/Product Settings
  8. Share, Print or Download Photo
  9. View/Edit/Delete Applied Products
  10. View Full Screen Mode
  11. View Standard Mode
Open Virtual Try On

1.) Open The Virtual Try On

To open the virtual try on feature, simply click on the virtual try on widget in the bottom left hand corner of any category or product page

2.) Press on the product menu

Click the menu icon on the right hand side of the app to bring up the selection of products that you can try on using this feature.

Choose Product Menu
Choose Product

3.) Choose Your Products

Select the product that you wish to try on from the list provided. At this time we can only offer this feature for necklaces and earrings.

4.) Live Mode

From here you have the option to either use live mode, upload a selfie or choose from a selection of models that are built into the feature to try on your desired piece of jewellery.

Live Mode
Capture Photo

5.) Capture Your Photo

Try to hold still while the try on app reads your face and places the jewellery on you. Press the “Capture” button in the top left hand corner of the app to take the photo if you wish to do so. (Don’t mind the photo of me! 😂)

From there you can edit the photo if needs be, please skip to step 7 for more information.

6.) Upload A Photo

If you do not want to use the live mode you can easily just upload a previous selfie or use one of the models that are supplied on the app. To upload a photo select the “My Photo” option in the bottom left hand corner of the app, and select the option which best suits you.

Upload a photo
Product_photo settings

7.) Photo/Product Settings

Here you can make edits to the positioning of the jewellery to make sure that you get an accurate photo. Move the jewellery up or down or you can move the jewellery clockwise or anti-clockwise to get the perfect positioning.

8.) Share, Print or Download The Photo

This button gives you the option to either share the photo with your friends on Facebook, print out the photo or download the photo for reference later.

Share_save_download photo
View applied products

9.) View Applied Products

This option allows you to view the products that you have featured in your photo. From here you can go to the product page on our website,go to the photo/product settings for and adjustments or remove the product from the photo.

10.) View Full Screen Mode

To view this app in full screen mode, just simply click on the double arrows in the top left hand corner of the application. As demonstrated below you can view your featured products full product description, product photo and buy the product from the full screen view.

View full screen mode
View standard mode

11.) Switch Back To Standard Mode

To switch back to standard mode just click the inward pointing double arrows in the top left hand corner of the application.

Any Questions Or Issues?

This feature is still in its infancy and currently is just a beta test. If you experience any issues while using this application or if you just have any general questions about the virtual try on, please get in contact with me using the contact form below and I will respond to you within 24 hours. Any feedback on the app that you can give will help us greatly to improve its use in future and we are very grateful for any comments you may have. Thank you!


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