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What Is A Tennis Bracelet? – 3 Tennis Bracelet Styles

Double tennis bracelet on wrist

There is no denying the beauty of a tennis bracelet. They are one of the most popular styles of bracelets that you can find and with good reason. Tennis bracelets are characterised by a line of diamonds or gemstones that are closely knit together and connected by a precious metal chain. Due to the sheer number of gemstones in a tennis bracelet, they are an extremely effective option for a summer piece of jewellery as the sunlight can reflect the gemstones and really make them sparkle. This is especially true for diamond or cubic zirconia tennis bracelets. 

The name tennis bracelet actually comes from an American professional tennis player named Chris Evert, when her diamond bracelet was broken and came off during a match and she stopped playing until the bracelet was recovered. Before this these bracelets were often known as diamond line bracelets or eternity bracelets. Even today many prominent tennis players can still be seen wearing these bracelets while playing. 

Tennis bracelets can be found in a wide variety of different styles and shapes. From the type of gemstone setting used, the cut and size of gemstone used, to the type of clasp. Many jewellers add their own style and flare to the design of tennis bracelets. Today we are going to have a look at the different types of settings you will most commonly find in tennis bracelets…

Channel set:

Sterling silver & cz, channel set tennis bracelet on a marble backdrop
Sterling silver & cz channel set tennis bracelet on a marble backdrop

A channel set tennis bracelet holds the gemstones in place with two thin strips of precious metal on the top and bottom of the bracelet. This style of bracelet is often more sturdy but less flexible than other settings used in tennis bracelets.

Prong set:

Sterling silver & cz prong set tennis bracelet on a marble backdrop
Sterling silver & cz prong set tennis bracelet on a marble backdrop

Prong set tennis bracelets keep each gemstone in place with 3 or four prongs that hold the stone and each setting is connected by a precious metal chain. This type of setting allows for excellent light reflection of the stone which can make them much more radiant.

Bezel set:

Sterling Silver & cz bezel set tennis bracelet
Image by Victoria Leonardo from Getty Images

Tennis bracelets that use a bezel setting keep the gemstone in place by surrounding the stone on the outside, only exposing the crown of the gemstone. This type of setting can also be found in half bezel settings which means that the metal only surrounds two sides of the gemstone to allow for slightly better light reflection.

Take a look through our own collection of tennis bracelets that we have on offer at Argemti and see if you can pick out the different settings used in our bracelets. 

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  1. Thank you for your informative article on tennis bracelets. You provided a clear and concise explanation of what a tennis bracelet is, its origins, and its significance in the world of jewelry. I appreciate how you delved into the history of the term “tennis bracelet” and its association with professional tennis player Chris Evert. The inclusion of different styles and variations of tennis bracelets, along with the tips on how to choose the right one, adds practical value to the readers. Overall, your article serves as a great resource for anyone interested in understanding and purchasing tennis bracelets. Well done!

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