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Bracelet Size Guide – 7 Tips On How To Find The Ideal Bracelet Size For You Or A Loved One


Bracelet Size Guide

Unsure what bracelet size is best suited to your wrist? Our bracelet size guide is tailored to make sure you know all you need to know about which size bracelet is going to give that perfect fit when shopping online for bracelets & bangles…

There’s no one size fits all for bracelets or bangles. Of course different people will need a different sized bracelet depending on the circumference of their wrist. We know that you and nobody else wants an over-dangling bracelet that gets in the way when you’re going about your day.

This bracelet size guide is designed to help you find your perfect fit when shopping online for bracelets. So let us take you through our 3 main recommendations for bracelet sizing.


The 2cm Rule

woman wearing a tennis bracelet, leaning on a white fence

In general, the most comfortable fit for bracelets that we’ve found is 2 cm or 0.79 inches larger than the circumference of your wrist. This allows your bracelet to comfortably hang from your wrist without falling over your hand and getting in the way. Generally becoming an annoyance. This rule also makes sure that the bracelet is not overly tight on your wrist.

The chart we’ve put together below shows the ideal bracelet size for a number of different wrist circumference measurements using the 2cm rule. Take a look to see if you can find your own ideal bracelet size in this chart! If you’re unsure of the circumference of your wrist, then keep reading on for tips on how to measure your wrist, or find the ideal bracelet size for a friend or loved one.

If you are viewing this chart on a mobile device, please rotate your device to landscape to see the full chart.

Wrist Circumference (CM) Wrist Circumference (Inches) Bracelet Circumference (CM) Bracelet Circumference (Inches)
14 5.5 16 6.29
15 5.9 17 6.69
16 6.29 18 7.08
17 6.69 19 7.48
18 7.08 20 7.87
19 7.48 21 8.26
20 7.87 22 8.66


Using A Standard Tape Measure

The easiest way to measure your wrist size is by using a standard tape measure. Measuring at the base of your wrist, wrap the tape measure around your wrist and take note of where the ends meet. It’s really that simple! However we know that not everybody has a tape measure lying about their house. If this is you, then keep reading for tips on measuring your wrist without a tape measure.

person measuring their wrist with a tape measure


a ball of string on a white background

Ribbon or String Method

This technique is especially useful if you only have a straight ruler at home that is not flexible enough to wrap around your wrist… Don’t forget, when there is a will, there is always a way!

An excellent way to find your ideal bracelet size is to use either a ribbon or piece of string to wrap around your wrist.

Once you have done this, mark where the ends meet and measure up to that mark. Once you have the circumference of your wrist you can use the bracelet size chart above to see what size bracelet will sit snug on your wrist.


Use A Printable Tape Measure

The Internet is full of wonderful information and useful tools. One particular tool that can be found online and comes in very handy for measuring your wrist is a printable tape measure. This is exceptionally useful if you have neither a tape measure or a straight ruler, but you do have a printer! One great place to print an accurate tape measure online is

If you do use this method, it is important to carefully follow the instructions listed on the website to ensure that the ruler prints accurately so that you don’t end up with a bogus reading.

a straight ruler on a white background


Finding a Friend Or Loved Ones Ideal Bracelet Size

Obviously, a bracelet is not something that you will only buy for yourself. Bracelets make for amazing and thoughtful gift ideas for a wide variety of different occasions and celebrations. So what about finding their bracelet size?


Use A Bracelet They Already Own

If you’re buying a gift for someone who you live with or visit a lot, there is a good chance they have an old bracelet lying around. If so, you can always measure the length of an old bracelet while they are not looking or make up an excuse to measure it without arousing suspicion and spoiling the surprise.

Bracelet Size Guide Photo 5.png__PID:987ac3b9-3837-48cc-959a-20aaecc84328


Measure The Crease In The Strap Of An Old Watch

If the person you are buying a bracelet for has an old watch with a leather strap, then another cunning tip to get an idea of their ideal bracelet size is to measure the crease in the strap of an old watch!

People tend to fasten watches at the setting that is most comfortable on their wrist. If they have a watch with a leather strap then the buckle will likely make a crease in the strap on either side of hole.

This could be your perfect opportunity to find not just their wrist size, but the bracelet size which they will find more comfortable!

An old watch with a crease in the strap


Buy An Adjustable Bracelet

This might seem like quite a simplistic tip, buying an adjustable bracelet takes away the need to do any measuring or channel the inner secret spy in you. There are loads of magnificent styles out there when it comes to adjustable clasps for bracelets so if you shop around a bit. You are almost certain to come across one that matches their style and make them fall in love with it.

adjustable cz tennis bracelet on a white background